Isaiah 52, 61 and Nahum 1 | Conclusion to the Prophets

Defining the Gospel, Pt 3

Isaiah 52

Context: Isaiah 51

Isaiah 52:1–12

In his faithfulness God will make sure that his people will be faithful to their calling for his glory.

Context: Isaiah 52:12–53:12

Isaiah 61

The good news is broader than one might expect; it heralds the transition between the ages, from the present evil age to the blessed age to come.

Nahum 1

Conclusion to the Prophets

  1. Even though Israel was unfaithful, God remains faithful; exile is not the end of their story.
  2. God will establish a new covenant with his people and forgive them of their sins.
  3. God will save Israel from their oppressors after a period of suffering and bring them back to the land in resurrection fashion, putting his creative power on display before the eyes of the world on the day of YHWH.
  4. God will return to dwell among his people and establish his rule through his anointed king from the line of David.
  5. Then, nature will be renewed and the land will flourish like never before, with the re-united people being faithful to their covenant vocation.
  6. Lastly, the nations will share, in some way or other, in the blessing of Israel.

God will reign over his restored people in the renewed land.




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