Apostle Paul by Rembrandt

Paul and Participation in Christ: An Introduction

Terminology, Meaning, Perspectives

1. Pauline Terminology

2. Theological Terminology

3. The Crucified and Risen Christ

Christ was faithful to God and his God-given mission in loving others till death.

Believers are empowered by the resurrection to suffer with Christ in faithfulness to God, in love for others, and in hope of the coming glory.

4. Individual and Corporate Participation through Pistis and Pneuma

Christ’s faith is both the source (thus the benefits) and the shape (thus the participation) of the believers’ faith.

Conformity to Christ is not just imitation; believers actually embody and enact Christ’s faith.

5. Transformation: Wholeness and Theosis

In the embodied forms of individual and corporate Christ-life, the fullness of God is present.




Thoughts on Pauline theology and the Christian life

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